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that while the national security agency has a big dog, it's an important participant. i used to work there. very supportive of it. but everyone in the country needs to be reassured that when we're talking about cybersecurity, it's d.h.s. that's setting the policy and dealing with the data, not the national security agency. so what i would say is maybe d.h.s. doesn't need so much a bigger dog as a leash. and authorizing legislation can provide that kind of reassurance to the american people. >> thank you for those comments. how do we better honor the loss of all those lives 2 years ago this morning? do -- 12 years ago this morning? do we join some of our colleagues on the steps of the capitol for an observance or do we better honor their lives and their loss by continuing to do our work here today? we believe the best way is for us to continue doing that. we'll continue going through the 11:00 hour and give us a chance to really drill down on some of these important issues. with that having been said, let me yield to dr. coburn. >> well, thank you, mr. chairman. couple points on what i hear
on americans. for three years the national security agency violated rules set down by federal judges covering how the agency was allowed to use mass collected data of every telephone call made in the united states according to the more than 1800 pages of declassified documents the obama administration released yesterday. that in the papers this morning. as alexander bolton was talking about, commerce must deal with budget issues now that they are back from their august recess. "the washington post" says fight the budget bill, reporting house republican leaders unveiled a plan tuesday to keep the government (september 30, but they were scribbling to build support within their own ranks after conservatives savaged the proposal for failing to define the president obama's health initiative. the plan, as presented to the party's rank-and-file in a closed-door meeting tuesday morning, calls for the government to be funded at current levels through december 15, continuing a sharp budget cuts known as sequester. by the way, heritage action, which is now being run by former senator jim demint, republi
? and why are questions involving his death met with silence? tonight, fault lines examines the nations largest law enforcement agency and asks who is holding them accountable when they pull the trigger. >> people here call this ambos nogales, or both nogales. but a steel fence built in the name of national security divides this border town. i've come to meet jose's family they live just blocks from where jose was killed. >> his brother diego worked at a shop in the center of town. jose would often meet him to help mop the floor before closing. that night, he never made it. jose antonio was shot to death, right on this street corner. the walls on this doctors office are still riddled with bullet holes. now, the border patrol's explanation for what happened hinges on the fact they say their agents were threatened by somebody throwing rocks on this side of the fence. but standing here, the first thing you ask yourself is: could a 16 year old boy really threaten somebody standing on top of what's at least a 20 foot cliff, and on the other side of that fence? whatever took place here that n
of the good things to coordinate local agencies with her as drug enforcement and national security issues. janet, i think the fact that the chief of police and the city of washington, d.c. here and the local law enforcement officials are here. we give testimony that you've done it extremely well. you reminded this department constantly it's not just the people, it's the department. the american people have to be called in as part of providing for the national security of the united states of america. i start off with that point because it's one of the missions. you've done an extraordinary job. this is preaching to the choir. everyone in here knows the job you've done. my frustration is sometimes i wish the nation had some insight with the job you do and with your colleagues out there. all of the hundreds of hours, because hundreds of hours in that situation and the nation could understand how incredible you are to have guided the nation for the last 48 years. whether it's combatting terrorism or keeping the homeland safe. but you've been responsible for federal emergency responses to dis
agencies and local law enforcement, whether drug enforcement or whether it's national security issues. and janet, i think the fact that the chief of police in the city of washington, d.c. here, and kelly of new york and many other local law enforcement officials are here, i think they would give testimony to the fact that you've done and extremely well job. and as stated by rand, you remind this department consummately it's not the people of this department. it's the american people who have to be called in as part of providing financial security of the united states of america. so i start off with that point because i think it's one of the things that's made you so incredibly effective. and i can't tell you how much the president and i are going to miss you, and that is not hyperbole. you've done absolutely extraordinary job, and this is preaching to the choir. everyone in your nose the job you've done. my frustration, at the time i think about it, i wish, i wish the nation new had some insight into just the kind of job you do, and with our colleagues out there, all the times you hav
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)